I used to spend almost all my time with lovely dovey Facebook. Now, I can’t even have the time to scroll down my news feed for updates and all. Gahd, I can’t even post anything. All I can do as of the meant time is check my messages. Sometimes, I check notifications, sometimes, just messages. I haven’t been updating my blogs as well., and that really sucks more than not having time for Facebook.

This busy schedule has been affecting my virtual life in a big way. My blogs have been my outlet for years now. I just have this need to rant and rant about bad days, and since everyday’s a bad day, it’s really stressful that I can’t take those out on my blog. Haish. Depressing.

I am thankful that I have the time (even just a few minutes) to rant about this and check my notifications and hundreds of unread Plurks.

I need a life. I seriously do.

I hope that I would also have the time to be with my friends and revive my social life. This is killing me. Big time.


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