Goodbye.. for Now.

I started teaching Koreans English just this summer. I planned to keep playing (I don’t really call it work as I’m enjoying it to the core) even when my own classes resume in June. I thought of studying in the morning and teaching in the afternoon until evening, and my boss agreed to it. She actually asked me not to leave the academy and continue teaching for a minimum of three years.

But some things don’t just work out the way we planned them, or the way we hoped they would happen. The other day, I got my schedule and found out that two of my subjects only have one section each – both in the afternoon. It’s bad enough that they are afternoon classes, and what’s worse is that they are held late in the afternoon.

With that, my boss told me that it would be very hard for me to balance work and education as the schedule in the academy is regular all days of the week. She told me that I should focus on my studies first cause it’s what’s more important. That was a very sad moment for me cause I never thought of leaving the academy, and now it all changed.

I was tearing up inside when my boss asked me to come back after I finish studying in October. She told me she doesn’t want me to leave, and that they need me. She even said, ‘please come back after you finish your studies in October.’ I asked her if she meant that and if I really can come come, and she said ‘yes please’. After hearing that I can come back to my kids, my inside tears were replaced with a big outside smile.

With that said, I can’t wait for October and do what I love doing again. I’m gonna miss my kids big time, and though it’s breaking my heart to be apart from them for months, I’m still happy cause I know I’d still get to be with them in the future, and we could pick up where we left off.

So, this isn’t really good bye. I think it’s more of an I’ll-see-you-soon kind of parting moment. Well, whatever you call that doesn’t really matter, actually. What matters is that I’ll be back soon.

So till we meet again, bitches. And behave, little monsters 🙂


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