Although I have always believed that things happen for a reason, and everything that happened to me in the past few months are solid proofs of that belief, I still can’t believe that everything worked out for me in the end. Yeah, I became frustrated with all the waiting and hoping, but after some time, I realized that those needed to happen because something bigger and better was waiting to embrace me.

During the times that I was sad and frustrated, I couldn’t understand a thing. I couldn’t see the reason for it. I kept on praying that God would shed me some light on that issue so that I could feel better. But when things fell into place, everything made sense. Everything became clear. Crystal clear.

I was too busy scouting for other options when all I had to was to wait and have faith that things would be in their proper places because they will at the perfect time. I just needed to be firm and hold on a little longer.

I’ve never felt this blessed for a loooong time now. For the longest time, I thought I was being punished and tortured, but now, I just feel like the universe finally conspired for me. I just feel like I deserve to be this happy. Well, scratch that, I am sure I deserve to be this happy.

I know that things won’t last that long, but I’m still happy that I get to feel this thankful and grateful for everything. At least for a short while, I became the person that I’ve always wanted to be. And that is just enough for me.

So, Thank You, Papa God. You the Man 🙂


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