There’s No Way But UP

I had a short conversation with an office mate this morning over coffee and cigarettes regarding BPO companies, our pool of agents and applicants, escalation, recruitment frustrations and what not. We came across school credentials, and in that moment, I realized how lucky I am to actually pass UPCAT. I mean, I was not really the bookish and studious type when I was in high school. I was actually one of the lazy students who had parents that practically begged their child to give time to study and do good in class (good meaning good enough to pass — I got kicked out from Miriam College in the fifth grade after being an honor student in the earlier years FYI). So imagine how my heart skipped a beat or two when I found out that I passed that freakin’ awesome college test that almost ALL high school senior in the Philippines took. I must say, I’m one lucky gal (and maybe “in your face” as well).

That conversation also made me realize why I hung by a thread and passed UPCAT. It wasn’t  because I was smart, or because it was expected of me because I’m not and it wasn’t, but it was because I was meant to, even if it was just for a short ride. During my two-year stay in UPB, I learned more about life than I would reading all the books in the world. UP made me discover what I really wanted in life (well, not career wise, I must say. Still juggling with that ’till now, that’s more of a personal uncertainty. LOL), what I ought to do, and who I really am. It made me who I am today myself. It didn’t preach nor did it force me to defer and be what the society wants me (or any other person) to be. I worked hard for the good things. I worked through the bad stuff, and I earned the good stuff (although with some I just got lucky hihi). UP didn’t serve me the good things on a silver platter. Instead, it gave me challenges that taught me humililty, courage, and patience. It gave me opportunities that taught me how to share, help and be thankful for what I have . It allowed me to make decisions that were hard as hell but did me good in the end. UP made me do it all on my own (thanks to the concept of guided and enlightened nationalism). It gave me freedom in its own way. And most of all, it gave me the chance to be human. It gave me the chance to real.

I may have been frustrated and angry before because my parents pulled me out from UP after my second year in college due to some personal issues (I was then studying a degree that I loved to death, but then the studying part went AWOL or something), but being transferred to a school that I didn’t even know existed during that time — add that it has a different crowd and can be considered a demotion of some sort for my part (but don’t get me wrong, I did love the new school after some time)  — made me learn that that was just another challenge-turned-opportunity for me (that realization took some time to sink in). And thank God for UP because if I had studied in another school and then transferred to the new school, I wouldn’t have understood and learned anything more than I do now, or maybe not even half of it. I wouldn’t see the reason behind the series of events that occurred. I wouldn’t have adjusted well. I prolly would’ve been bitter and mad about it for a really, really long time. Maybe even forever.

That’s why I will always thank UP for what it did to me. Or for what it did for me to be able to turn myself into the person I am now and who I will become in the future. It took me a looong time before realizing its impact on one’s life. It’s not about who you were when you came in, it’s about who you have become when you left. You know, like how a naked man lives after he’s been clothed. How you use what you have learned to make things better not just for you, but for everyone else especially those who don’t and will never have that privilege. It has always been about the molded heart. And that’s what matters.

Funny how one can want to get into that school so bad and realize why just when you get out of it to go into the real world. Like wanting something so bad for all the wrong reasons and then end up getting it for all the right reasons. So thank you, UP. Thank you for this life.

Serve the people.

“It’s not about getting a degree a degree, it’s about getting an education.” –UP Prof


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